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Humane Society of The White Mountains- Cats Dogs And Small Domestic Animals For Adoption To Good Forever Homes.

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​​​ We are located in the White Mountains of Arizona where it is our privilege to serve the homeless animal population.

By placing this Arizona license plate on our website, it will help us apply for a grant from the sale of these plates next year.  Please click on the license plate for more information on how to get one of these plates.

We LOVE PetSense! Support our local PetSense, they do so much for the homeless animals of the White Mountains! 

Support Local
Please visit our local businesses that support the Humane Society of the White Mountains! Please support them when you can. Click on logo for business details.


Spare Change Saves Lots of Lives at the Humane Society, so when you see one of these canisters please drop in all you can. 

To all of our supporters.

We have an incredible opportunity for us to really get these funds coming into the AZGiives Big fundraiser program.

A donor has come forward and offered to match up to $5000.00.  Yes $5000.00!!!  Please please make your pledges as soon as possible in order to seize this opportunity to help save and maintain the lives of the animals in their journey to their forever homes.

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Adoption Fees:

Effective Nov. 1, 2016
Kittens (under a yr) $50
Cats - $30
Adult dogs-$65 and up
Senior Dogs (6+ yrs.) $50
Puppies - $75 - $200

New Building Foundation Donations Needed...

We help homeless, neglected and abused animals in the White Mountains of AZ. We stay full and need to add another building so we can help more homeless, abused and neglected animals find good, stable, loving forever homes. Please help us help them.

BUILDING FUND DONATIONS - Please click on the link below, when window open:
1) note the amount you wish to donate
2) Click on the COMMENTS section and type in BUILDING FUND in the COMMENTS section to make sure your donation goes to the BUILDING FUND, then proceed with donation process.


NOW... Adopt a HSWM homeless cat at PetSense! Our gratitude to PetSense for partnering with HSWM to help homeless pets find their forever homes!! Thank you!

Some of our adoptable cats are always available at PetSense.
THANK YOU, Pet Sense for helping our homeless pets find their forever homes!!!
 Click and LIKE our local PetSense Facebook page!

ACE - 1827 W. White Mountain Blvd. 
BEVERAGE HOUSE - 857 W. White Mountain Blvd.  
DARBI'S - 235 E. White Mountain Blvd. 
DOGHOUSE THRIFT SHOP - 3369 White Mountain Blvd.
EDDIE'S COUNTRY STORE - 1753 E. White Mtn. Blvd. 
GINGERBREAD CABIN - 1465 E. White Mountain Blvd. 
HIGH 5 DESIGN - 4367 W. White Mountain Blvd.  
RED DOOR - 2671 Porter Mountain Rd. 
SAFEWAY - 20 E. White Mountain Blvd. 
PINETOP SUBWAY - 222 E. White Mountain Blvd.  
ECHO BOUTIQUE-1449 E. White  Mountain Blvd.
CHARLIE CLARKS-1701 E. White Mountain Blvd.
LA HACIENDA-1676 W. White Mountain Blvd.
76 Gas Station- 900 E.White Mountain Blvd. 
Baked in Pinetop Bakery- 674 E. White Mountain Blvd. Ste 4
Snowriders- 857 E. White Mountain Blvd. Ste 3
The Barn- 1450 E. White Mountain Blvd.
Nana's- 1400 E. White Mountain Blvd. Ste 104
Thai Promise- 579 E. White Mountain Blvd.

ACE - 221 W Deuce Of Clubs 
AMERICAN PIE - 1001 E. Huning 
CALI'S SPAY & NEUTER - 1100 E. Deuce of Clubs 
DENNY'S - 4471 S White Mtn. Blvd. 
HEALTH TOUCH - 4431 S. White Mtn. Blvd. 
PETSENSE - 4201 S White Mountain Rd. 
PIZZA FACTORY - 100 N. White Mtn. Blvd. 
SAL & TERESA'S - 1191 E Hall 
SUBWAY - 4431 S White Mountain Rd. 
SUBWAY - 161 E Deuce Of Clubs 
SUNSHINE HERBS - 1020 Huning 
TACK SHOP - 600 S White Mountain Rd.

ACE - 2837 Hwy 260, Overgaard 
PURPLE SAGE CAFÉ - 1824 Arizona Hwy 260, Heber 
HEBER IGA - 1823 Black Canyon Rd., Overgaard 
JUNE'S DINER - 1986 Hwy 260, Overgaard 
PIZZA TIME - 3767 Hwy 260, Overgaard 
Ponderosa Bakers Cafe -1882 Hwy 260,
Aud's Crafts & Gifts -1894 Hwy 260,
Pit Stop Pizza-2232 Hwy 260 
The Woodshed Cafe 2232 Hwy 260
Weathershack Hwy 260- Heber
National Bank of AZ Hwy 260- Overgaard
Chevron Gas Station- 2977 Hwy 260-Overgaard
Napa Automotive- Hwy 260- Overgaard
Three Bear's- Beary Best Cafe- Heber
Circle K- Hwy 260-Overgaard

BASHAS - TAYLOR 650 N. Main 
SNOWFLAKE IGA - 160 N. Main 
STOCK UP FEED & TACK - 101 N. Main 
TRAPPER'S CAFE -9 N. Main, Taylor
Clay's Little Barn- 18 S. Main St. Taylor




Humane Society of the White Mountains