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The Humane Society of the White Mountains, Arizona

August 24, 2011
Subj:  Annual Letter to the Members of the Humane Society of the White Mountains

Welcome to the Humane Society of the White Mountains.  We are a strong community of beloved animals, dedicated staff, volunteers and Members who care for homeless animals.  The Governing Board Members round out the team and have accepted the task of raising the funds necessary to keep the organization open and operating in a safe and responsible manner.

The Governing Board hosts an Annual Meeting once each calendar year.  This meeting provides an opportunity for the Governing Board and the Management Team to share information about the past year.  We also want to invite your feedback during the Annual Meeting process and throughout the year.  There are several ways to do this though we encourage written correspondence whenever possible.  We will provide contact information at the end of this letter.

Most notable this past year was the loss of the Dog House Thrift Shop in Lakeside.  Our retail thrift shop operations are our main source of support for the Humane Society.  The fire which consumed the structures on White Mountain Boulevard forced us to seek alternate sources of income and provided a platform for exploring a more diverse means of meeting our organizational needs.  We have since reopened the shop in Lakeside and have closed the Show Low location.  We are investigating second location options for this coming year.  We are not losing money at the new store but we are not making enough.  We are hopeful that by increasing our volunteer base we will generate an increase in much-needed income at this location.  If you have not visited us to shop or to volunteer we welcome you with open arms at our shop location, 3369 White Mountain Boulevard in Lakeside.  Ava Franks is the shop manager and our phone number is (928) 368-2248.

The Shelter and P.A.W.S. Clinic continue to serve the communities of the White Mountains.  Financial constraints have required a reduction in staff and operations.   We welcomed the addition of National Relief Charities Animal Welfare Program to our many donors and partners this past year.  With the assistance of NRC we can provide animal welfare product assistance to our area residents and neighbors, especially those individuals and families residing on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation.  This year’s Humane Society of the United States’ Rural Area Veterinary Services Free Spay & Neuter Clinic was held March 20 – 26, 2011 in downtown Whiteriver and Cibecue.  The Humane Society supports this important event which strives to alleviate animal suffering and promotes improved pet health in tribal communities.

Also notable this past year was the addition of four new Board Members representing governmental and animal welfare organizations.  Brad Provost (City of Show Low), Bernard Huser (Navajo County), Randy Hemmings (Town of Pinetop-Lakeside) and RJ Owens (Pet Allies, Inc.) have served as Board Members for a majority of the year.  The Humane Society is grateful for their commitment to serving and assisting with the governance of the organization.  We appreciate the service of all our Board Members.  If you are interested in helping the Governing Board to achieve its goals of maintaining financial viability and setting policies for the Humane Society we invite your notice of interest.

We have a huge task before us and it starts with opening our hearts to the animals who did not ask to be brought into a world that may or may not be able to support their desire to thrive in safety and comfort.  Through donations of money and time we inch closer to our collective goal of providing a home to every homeless pet.  Animals connect our hearts and minds to our larger place in the natural world.  We want to ensure that this connection is not lost as we speed towards a more sophisticated technological society.  Pets remind us to slow down and to share our love with those who are dependent upon us for their survival.

Our big wish is this – to keep the Humane Society running through these difficult times.  We can’t do it alone.  We welcome your suggestions, your memberships, your donations of money, supplies and time.  Most of all we thank the pets who honor us with their willingness to be patient while we continue to strive for excellence. 

You can find us six days a week at the Shelter located at 3212 Porter Mountain Road in Lakeside (next to the Blue Ridge Junior High and Mid-Schools).  The Dog House Thrift Shop is open six days a week as well.  Please visit our website for hours of operation, membership and volunteer forms and current events.



Donations make our work possible. What we do for the animals ~ depends upon you. Thank you for your donations.


The Humane Society of the White Mountains relies on donations, memberships and grants as our only source of funding....will you please help us? Your tax deductable donations are gratefully accepted!



Humane Society of the White Mountains
Governing Board Members
August 24, 2011
Member Count:  8

President- Kathleen Norton
Board Member - Karen Frailing
Board Member - Randy Hemmings
Board Member - Bernard Huser
Board Member - Sandy Pierson  
Board Member - Brad Provost
Board Member - Judy Todd
Board Member - RJ Owens


Additional Contact Information:
Deena Pace, Business Mgr.  928-369-6094
Tina Heydinger, Shelter Mgr. 928-205-7259
Ava Hancock, Thrift Shop Mgr. 405-202-0447
Shelter:  928-368-5295  Fax:  928-368-4214
Thrift Shop:  928-368-2248
P.A.W.S. Clinic:  928-205-7415





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Shelter (928) 368-5295
Fax: (928) 368-4214
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