Director of Operations

Deena Pace

Board of Directors

Humane Society of the White Mountains
Governing Board Members

Member Count:  6
Shane Lohr - President
David Becker - Vice President
Jason Carter - Treasurer

Sarah Fox - Secretary 

Mike Bosley - Board Member
Laurie Palazzolo - Board Member





Shelter Team

Debbie Torbet - Shelter Manager

Regina Goetz - Assistant Manager

Shelter Staff:
Cally Rhoades - Dog Kennels

Aziah Munsee -  Dog Kennels

Anthony McShan - Dog Kennels

Amber Santillan - Dog Kennels

Deborah Thompson - Outreach Coordinator/Paws

Cassie Peterson - Dog Kennels/Receptionist

Taylor Falling- Dog Kennels

Alyssa Moffat- Dog Kennels

John Wetch-  Dog Kennels






doghouse team

Stacy Spitzer-Manager

DOGhouse Staff:
Jeremy Munsee

Lynn Myers

Blake Norton

P.A.W.S.Clinic Team

Tammy Helzer DVM
Laurie Palazzolo CVT
Regina Goetz

Deborah Thompson CVT   





Our Humane Society houses over a thousand animals each year. Many are rescued from the forest, the streets and from lives of starvation and abandonment through our efforts. The animals we serve greatly depend on us.​

We are the only open admission Humane Society in  Apache and Navajo Counties.  Animals cannot help themselves. They depend solely upon the generosity and compassion of humans. Our Humane Society is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals. The homeless animals we serve also rely upon the generosity and compassion of our supporters.

The Humane Society of the White Mountains was incorporated in 1970 by a group of caring and dedicated individuals who were concerned for the plight of homeless animals in the area. Unfortunately, the beauty of our natural forests compel many irresponsible acts. Pets are often abandoned in the forests by people who truly believe that these domesticated puppies and kittens, dogs and cats will revert back to the wild and learn to fend for themselves. Sadly... they do not.

Those of us who choose to serve and help homeless animals do so because the need is great and will never diminish.

A LITTLE ABOUT Humane Society of the White Mountains

Tuesday-Friday 10:30-5:00

Saturday 10:00-5:00     

Board Meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of the Month at 5:30pm in the Shelter Education Resource Room

3212 N. Porter Mountain Rd. 

Lakeside AZ 85929

The Board Meeting Agenda is posted in the Front Office of the Humane Society.

Adoption Fees:
Kittens (under a yr) $50
Cats - $30

Adult dogs-$65 and up
Senior Dogs (6+ yrs.) $50
Puppies - $75 - $200